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J. Struble Art

Studio VYNE

Justin Struble
visionary artist/Musician

Residing in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina, visionary artist Justin Struble works to communicate psychedelic and mystical concepts through natural, geometric images. The center piece of his self taught style, with influences such as Alex Grey, Paul Laffoley and Mati Klarwein, is the passion for creative evolution. Justins images are the manifestations of a ceaseless exploration, an urge to understand the mysterious beauty of human consciousness in this world. His work is lush, organic and often highly calculated, as if tracing the pulse of the intricate synchronicities that make up life. Musings that feel as futuristic as they do ancient. With thoughtfulness and patience , Justins artistic ambition is to connect his audience to these, sometimes forgotten, bliss's of life.

    ""I often get asked where my inspiration comes from, I think most people kind of already know though. Meditation yes, yoga yes, visionary experiences, check. But I spend a lot of time alone out in nature as well, soaking in the wilderness, listening to its voices, and just kind of letting my mind roll through these philosophical landscapes. It brings on sort of a de-conditioning to the "modern life" and I can view the world more essentially. These experiences are at the foundation of my artistic drive. I try to work through these ideas and concepts that connect us back to nature and to the mystery of this Moment, to spirit. When we speak of our spirit, our speech is usually clouded in symbolism and the pretension of things that words cannot really touch. The arts allow us to communicate these ideas in ways that are undefined and alive in their umformulated expression. I believe we can reach a more encompassing understanding of our experience here in this life by utilizing the language of art""


full album and art collection, check it out here!!


Virtual art galleries 


PRIMALOGOS is a virtual art gallery which exhibits some of Justins more intuitive work. It is really neat! follow the link below and check it out!



RETROGRADIENT is a virtual art gallery featuring justins more intentional works. This gallery offers insights into the paintings and creative process. follow the link to check it out!

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